Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Random Undeveloped Thoughts.

These came to me as I was listening to audio books of various philosophers. Pardon their lack of development, but they were more or less brainwaves that came and haven't yet been fleshed out. Think of them as notes to myself (or you) about things to think about.

The virtue of Man is not to be found in the achievement of an Ideal, but in Man's pursuit of and Ideal.

Man's virtue is one of pursuit and desire.

God is the nature of the universe/world. Not the ideal of nature, but the underlying motive force that has created the natural world. (First mover unmoved?)

God is external to this universe as we know it, but as the sun warms the Earth, so does God infuse the universe with motive force. (does God's will shape this universe beyond the laws of nature?)

Is the natural order/natural law a product of God's will. Did he create our world by creating a world in which we were possible?

Knowledge implies evidence? Belief implies faith. Does knowing require believing? (needs clarification) (Oh how even a glancing tangent to Epistemology makes my head reel.)

Well, as I said, don't mind my chaff here, I just wanted to save this so I can come back to it with a fresh perspective.


Mommy Maid said...

Please don't tease me by saying that you're going to have a blog and then not writing.

I love you, but I might have to take you off of my bookmarks.

Mommy Maid said...

And again, I love you. And you suck at keeping up with this whole blogthing.

velvet said...

Just came to your blog for the first time, but didn't get very far. I read your first thought, and went "huh?" Too much to wrap my mind around right now. will come back later.

Laura said...

I disagree with everything...except that one bit about ice cream being good. Wait...that was someone elses blog. So I guess I didnt agree with any of it.