Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Friends and Thinkers.

I'm glad you stumbled upon this little journal of mine. Its something of a log of various thoughts, questions and ideas I may spurt out.
First a few things about this;
I ramble. In fact I ramble quite badly. Quite a bit of this will be extemporaneous material that I want to put into writing before I forget it.
A follow up point, I'm absent minded. Most of my thought process is directly reactive, and because of that I may forget previous ideas or correlative points.
I'm (more or less) self taught. This leads to a lack of perspective because my exposure to other ideas is somewhat limited. This is offset though by not having been taught to conform to others' preconceptions.
I'm interested in open discourse. Please feel free to comment on any of my posts both to agree or disagree.
I'm also open to new ideas, if there is a topic you'd like a post on let me know.

On that note here are a few upcoming topics; Loyalty, Command/Leadership, Love, to some degree Politics (not in the partisan sense, but in the PoliSci sense), and the concept of Family.

I am primarily using this tool as an opportunity to learn from and about the experiences of myself and others so please don't feel shy about responding on here or emailing me.

1 comment:

Mommy Maid said...

I like hearing you ramble. And maybe this way I don't have to sit and listen and nod and smile, when I haven't a clue as to what you're saying.

Love you!